Who We Are

Hello, we’re David, Eric, Jo & Laura. We’re bringing Disc Golf to Liverpool! Join us on Instagram and Facebook, or at our Disc Golf taster sessions in Bowring Park & Golf Course, Huyton on Wednesday evenings between 6 pm and 8 pm or Beacon Country Park, Upholland on Thursday evenings between 6 pm and 8 pm to share our journey creating accessible, inclusive disc sports opportunities.

Come and be part of it!

Our Disc Golf journey started one cold November Sunday in 2020.  We (Jo and David) came across a YouTube video of the sport and as frisbee fanatics already, we were hooked!  We began following the USA pro tour progress more avidly and along the way, we started to realise we could get more involved.

A couple of Christmas presents later, we had a starter set of discs to chuck, and so in early 2021, off we went!  Disc Golf offers the player a natural progression and development; one quickly sees improvement in a few throws.  Soon, we both felt able to compete in our first tournament in Manchester in May 2021.

We became regular players at Longford Park, so much so that we joined the Manchester Disc Golf Club and were so inspired by their community focus and the overall inclusive nature of the sport along with the ethos/philosophy around it, we began to wish there was a course in Liverpool.  So, here we are, developing our community and doing what we can to grow the sport!

David and Jo both have backgrounds in health and social care and the voluntary sector, so bring that experience to managing the governance and similar requirements and functions of our group.

Eric was introduced to David and Jo through his daughter, Rachel Turton, who was following the adventures of Liverpool Disc Golf Community on Instagram and saw that we were seeking committee members.  Rachel is a prominent Professional Disc sports player who has successfully competed at UK, European and Worldwide level not only in Disc Golf but also Ultimate Frisbee (Go, Rach!!).  Eric is an experienced youth leader having worked with Scouts and Cubs and local swimming clubs and brings this expertise to our sessions.

Laura first crossed paths with us on an early Wednesday evening in May 2023 during one of our introductory sessions at the scenic Bowring Park & Golf Course. Intrigued by the sport’s online presence, she arrived enthusiastically, and her interest was evident from her first throw of the disc.

Within a mere two days, Laura had acquired her own set of starter discs and a basket, allowing her to practice the art of disc golf in the comfort of her own home. Fuelled by her newfound passion, she regularly visited our weekly sessions, often bringing along friends and family members for enjoyable rounds of disc golf.

In May, Laura took a step further by participating in two-disc golf tournaments held in Longford Park, Manchester. Her dedication and growing skill were apparent as she fearlessly embraced the challenges of competitive play. Her performance showcased her commitment and love for the sport.

Recognising Laura’s unwavering passion and valuable contributions to the disc golf community, we welcomed her as an official member in late June. Her transition from an enthusiastic participant to a valued member within a short span of time exemplifies the deep connection she has forged with disc golf.

Laura’s story is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of disc golf, capturing the joy, community, and personal growth this sport can bring to individuals. We are proud to have Laura as a member of our vibrant disc golf community and look forward to witnessing her continued journey and success in the world of disc golf.

Liverpool Disc Golf Community is a fully constituted group.  We have a bank account, an enthusiastic committee and we are working with Liverpool Council for Voluntary Services (LCVS) to ensure all appropriate governance is in place.  We are accredited to UKWDGA and we have a framework of policies that underpin our commitment to developing safe, inclusive opportunities for our community, such as safeguarding, equality and diversity and social media.