Our Aims

What we are here for, what we want, how we will achieve it


  1. Promote disc golf
  2. Develop a membership list of interested people for a club,
  3. Develop an organizational program
  4. Get a course in the ground
  5. Start running simple events
  6. Hold a general meeting and election annually


  1. Undertake community activities to develop awareness of disc golf
  2. Gather evidence, community opinion and experience of disc golf
  3. Undertake fundraising activities and applications
  4. Promote the community, our aims, objectives, activities and outcomes

Community Activities – what we do, how we do it

We’re offering activities in Liverpool City Region parks, community groups, health, education or care settings to introduce the sport of disc golf to the people of Liverpool.

We started this to support our aim of establishing a permanent, free to play community disc golf course in Liverpool.  As we deliver taster sessions, we’re collecting feedback from participants to evidence interest and increase awareness of the sport, it’s benefits and accessibility for all.

Participation levels have been better than expected – we have been engaging with a minimum of  25-30 people each week at our 2 hourly sessions held informally in Sefton Park- sometimes as many as 70 people have joined in when the weather has been particularly good and the park is busier as a result!  We have established “regular” participants who come back each week to play a round or two.

Healthy, lifelong sport – why we do it

Easy to play and fun, Disc Golf is a great low impact, physically active sport. It’s a family-friendly, multi-generational sport that is low cost, safe exercise for all ages, bringing community cohesion. In addition to being a physical activity, disc golf is also a cognitive sport requiring visualisation, planning, spacial awareness, judgement and problem-solving for disc flight paths. As such, it can be a great aid towards improving mental health, confidence and wellbeing.

Disc golf gets people outside and engaged in a healthy outdoor activity. Disc Golf is covid-safe as players can social distance. Disc Golf is generally set in park land, players get to enjoy time spent surrounded by nature – trees, flowers, greenspace all contribute to improving mental and physical health and wellbeing.

In our experience, a casual round of Disc Golf will take us around an hour and twenty minutes to play 18 baskets or holes. Disc golfers walk close to three miles, or an average of about 5,613 steps per round. With a couple of rounds, players will easily get to over 10,000 steps without realising it, plus there’s the added bonus of all those calories burned!

Disc Golf creates positive psychological outcomes promoting participation. Players can experience improvements in self-esteem and mood after exercising outdoors. It has been found that children with ADHD seem to focus better after being outdoors and can enjoy and achieve the gross motor movement skills that Disc Golfing offers.

Inclusive and Accessible

Disc Golf is a sport that is truly accessible by a huge variety of players across all demographics. For example, there are courses that have been designed for blind players, courses can be wheelchair-friendly, and people with a diverse range of needs and abilities are truly able to play. Disc Golf allows players to challenge themselves on an individual basis and is a very sensory and tactile experience, with a series of goals that are realistically achievable with a personal progression route to keep you hooked!

Entry level Disc Golf is recreational, beginners can immediately play without it being too challenging; bring any old frisbee and you can play! One of the many great things about this sport is that alongside the accessibility for beginners, a well-designed course can also offer professional and competition level tees that will attract players from the Disc Golf community across the UK and Internationally.

This also means that with the right course layout, Liverpool could be hosting the prestigious British or European or even Worlds Disc Golf Tournaments in the future, generating income for the area through tourism and associated benefits.

There are also wider opportunities for community involvement; baskets or holes can be sponsored by local businesses and named according to local traditions or curiosities – further offering a sense of place that’s unique to the location, something that can celebrate Liverpool and it’s multi-cultural history and ambitions.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike many other sports, disc golf can be complimentary to, and utillise, an area’s existing features and landmarks. There is no need to clear/cut trees, grade land or add costly fertiliser; even remediation treatments aren’t necessary.

Diversity Benefits

Disc golf is a truly ageless and inclusive sport, where people of all ages and abilities can play alongside each other. Friends and family with different skills, abilities and levels of health can play together. Our plan is for the Liverpool Disc Golf Community course to be free to the public. Discs can be inexpensive; you’ve probably already got one at home! We plan to have a disc hire facility too, in order to make it even cheaper. If you can throw a Frisbee, you can play disc golf!

Social Benefits

Although it can happily be played alone, Disc Golf is primarily a group activity. As our membership grows, our community will hold regular meetings, events and leagues, promoting social bonds, community cohesion and shared experiences. Our community will benefit the surrounding areas, local community and the Liverpool City Region as a whole.