Bowring Get into Golf Day!

Picture a beautiful day at the Bowring Park & Golf Course, where the sun is shining, laughter fills the air, and the community gathers to try their hand at Golf, to honour the prestigious 151st Open Championship, which was set to take place at the Royal Liverpool Hoylake. However, during the traditional golfing excitement, something new and thrilling awaits the participants: Disc Golf! Recently, Liverpool Disc Golf had the incredible opportunity to attend the ‘Get into golf’ day at Bowring Park, where the local community came together to explore the world of golf and its alternatives (Disc Golf & Foot Golf), and we must say, introducing new people to Disc Golf was an absolute blast! 

(Some of the participants gathering to try Disc Golf)

The Get into Golf Day:

As we arrived at the Bowring Park & Golf Course for the ‘Get into Golf’ day, the energy was palpable. People of all ages and skill levels were eager to experience the thrill of golfing, and the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and curiosity. Little did they know that Bowring Park had a delightful surprise in store for them: Disc Golf. Liverpool Disc Golf Community where on hand to introduce all participants to the wonderful world of Disc Golf. 

Disc Golf, a lesser-known but rapidly growing sport, is a variant of traditional golf. Instead of using clubs and golf balls, players utilise specialised flying discs to navigate a course and aim for the target basket. As seasoned Disc Golf enthusiasts, Liverpool Disc Golf was thrilled to share our passion for the game with others and introduce them to this unique and exciting experience.

Welcoming the Stars:

Amidst the laughter and cheers, we were joined by some prominent figures from the sports world, including the Ex Everton-FC Women’s captain, Michelle Hinnigan, and World Champion Boxer, Natasha Jonas. Their presence brought an extra layer of excitement to the event, and it was heart-warming to see them embracing the world of Disc Golf with enthusiasm.

(Michelle Hinnigan formed Everton Women’s captain on the right with some participants)

Natasha Jonas: The Ace Master!

It was a delightful surprise to witness Natasha Jonas showcase her remarkable skills in Disc Golf. Known for her prowess in the boxing ring, she demonstrated that her talents were not limited to one sport. Natasha managed to score several aces, leaving participants in awe of her natural ability to master the art of Disc Golf. Her passion for the game was evident, and her genuine enjoyment of the sport inspired others to give it their all.

(Natasha Jonas after scoring an ace)

Media Attention:

The Bowring Park & Golf Course ‘Get into Golf’ day was not just a local affair; it garnered attention from the media as well. Both local radio stations and Sky Sports News covered the event, shining a spotlight on Golf and disc golf and highlighting its appeal to players of all backgrounds and interests. The coverage not only brought joy to the participants who took part that day but also acted as a catalyst to attract more people to this incredible sport.

The Joy of Introducing New Players:

As Disc Golf enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like the joy of introducing new people to the sport. Witnessing their excitement as they release their first disc, the delight in their eyes when they score a perfect throw, and the joy that forms among the players is an experience like no other. ‘Get Into Golf’ day at Bowring Park was a testament to the welcoming and inclusive nature of the Disc Golf community, where everyone was eager to support and encourage each other on their journey. We were excited to see some familiar faces at our taster session in Beacon Country Park, Skelmersdale later that same day, & we hope to see even more over the coming weeks at Bowring Park. 

(David, Eric & Laura from Liverpool Disc Golf Community with Natasha Jonas World Champion boxer)

The ‘Get into Golf’ day at Bowring Park & Golf Course was a resounding success, and it was an absolute pleasure to introduce new people to the exhilarating world of Disc Golf. From the appearances of sports stars to the media attention that followed, the event showcased the universal appeal of this fantastic sport. 

We can’t wait to see more people embrace Disc Golf, form lasting friendships, and experience the pure joy that comes from this exciting and inclusive game. So, if you haven’t tried Disc Golf yet, what are you waiting for? Come join the fun and embark on a journey of laughter, and unforgettable moments on Wednesday evenings 6 pm – 8 pm at Bowring Park & Golf Course or Thursday evenings 6 pm – 8 pm at Beacon Country Park, Skelmersdale.

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