Our Newest Member of the Liverpool Disc Golf Community.

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Laura Brown, based in Huyton, Liverpool. It was in May 2023 that I stumbled upon this new activity that would soon become my profound passion: Disc Golf. Since then, I have wholeheartedly embraced this sport and become the newest member of the Liverpool Disc Golf Community.

What draws me to disc golf is the perfect combination of outdoor adventure and competition. Exploring the picturesque landscapes and open spaces while playing the game brings me immense joy. 

Beyond the sport itself, I have found an incredibly supportive community within the Disc Golf scene. Connecting with fellow players who share my enthusiasm has been inspiring. The encouragement we share makes each game even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

As I delve deeper into disc golf, I’ve developed an unexpected fascination with disc collecting. The wide range of discs available, each with its unique flight characteristics and designs, has captured my attention. 

With my growing expertise, dedication, and vibrant energy, I’m making my mark as the newest member of the Liverpool Disc Golf Community. I look forward to honing my skills, building new friendships, and immersing myself further in the captivating world of disc golf. The future holds endless possibilities for me in this exciting sport, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

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  1. love this! Welcome lovely Laura, you certainly are bringing so much enthusiasm and passion to the team and we are HERE FOR IT!!!

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