Every journey starts with a single step…

Hey everyone! I know we’ve been quiet recently, but I promise you that we have been cracking on and making progress towards our goal to bring Disc Golf to Liverpool.

Our small but mighty gang got together at Turton Towers last week to catch up on where we’re up to and to keep on with our plans for the coming season.

We have a couple of VERY promising meetings coming up in the next few weeks that we are quietly excited about… keep your fingers crossed, chain chasers, we have some exciting plans and we will tell you about them as soon as we get things lined up!

I had loads of plans to do things like a review of last year, recapping the activities and progress made, but life has been pretty hectic, but rest assured we have been collating our records and we have some pretty amazing statistics for engagement and impact from last spring/summer, so we hope to use this to keep building our profile and supporting our case to bring some baskets, a few discs and a load of frisbee flinging fun to this part of the world!

Don’t forget to follow us on socials, and if you wanna get involved, giz a bell, lar! ?

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